2017-2021 SOTF l5P Duramax Tuning

2017-2021 SOTF l5P Duramax Tuning

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L5P Switch-On-The-Fly Tuning

Custom Switch-On-The-Fly Tuning is the most convenient option for your 2017-2021 L5P Duramax. This is an exciting feature for any L5P enthusiast. You can now use your steering wheel controls to change tunes instantly, while driving. That means you can run the Street tune for daily driving and commuting, then switch to your tow tune in an instant, hook up to your trailer, and go.

With DuramaxTuner’s L5P Switch-On-The-Fly Tuning you will get 5 purpose built engine tunes.

  1. Optimized Stock cleans up the stock calibration and increases stock power level drive-ability.
  2. Heavy Tow (+40 HP) is designed for keeping your truck safe while towing 8,000 lbs. all the way up to GVW.
  3. Light Tow (+80 HP) is going to be your go to tune for towing loads that weigh less than 8,000 lbs.
  4. Street (+100 HP) is your daily driver tune. The additional 100 Rear Wheel Horsepower option gives you the best mix of performance and reliability that you can get. 
  5. Race (+150 HP) is our emissions equipped peak power tune is literally more power than you need. The 150 Horsepower you get here will push your truck to the limit.

TCM Tuning

Transmission Tuning for the 2017 – 2019, 6 Speed Allison 1000 is going to give you the firm, positive shift that you’re looking for. The T87a TCM (Transmission Control Module) that controls your transmission is calibrated based on the expected torque output of the engine. Your custom engine tuning will change that toque output. Updating the TCM calibration will give you improved shift quality, increase your clutch holding capacity and allow you to put that new found torque positively to the ground.